Friday, 4 December 2009

Songs From The Kitchen Sink

Songs From The Kitchen Sink

Wednesday saw the first micro event organised by Splash One and Narc scribe Ewan McIntyre.

The idea for Songs From The Kitchen Sink came to me last year as a shameless excuse to indulge in twin passions of 1960's British Kitchen Sink Cinema and 1980's Fuzzy Guitar music (some early 90's shoegaze thrown in for good measure) from independent labels such as 4AD, Cherry Red, Heavenly, Creation, Factory, Rough Trade, Sarah.

However I had been too busy with other projects to put anything together then the opportunity to host an after show party for New York shambling indie poppers The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart arrived - too good to pass up.

So the first 'Kitchen Sink' event played out like this...

Fist off BIG SORRY to PopKlub who were meant to DJ but the lack of CD decks in the head of steam mean they had to pull out.

As well as myself and Ewan, Peggy and Kurt from the Pains Of Being Pure At played a few tunes. So extra big thanks to the band.

The following records were played entirely on original pressings of 12", 7" and LP.

Deluxe - Lush

Mercy Seat - Ultra Vivid Scene

Iceblink Luck – Cocteau Twins

Jack - Moose

Brassneck - The Wedding Present

Drive Blind - Ride

Celeste – The Telescopes

Velocity Girl – Primal Scream

Falling and Laughing – Orange Juice

The Monochrome Set - The Monochrome Set

In The Rain - The June Brides

Sick Of It - The Primitives

Lola - Cud

Pearl - Chapterhouse

Catholic Block – Sonic Youth

Outdoor Miner – Wire

Lichtenstien Painting - Television Personalities

Keep It Out Of My Face – Mudhoney

Destroy The Heart – The House Of Love

Felicity – The Wedding Present

Why Does it Rain - Weather prophets

Primitive Painters - Felt

I dont Know Why I Love You - House Of Love

Staring at The Sun - Ultra Vivid Scene

Sidewalking - Jesus & Mary Chain

Other band's played included.. Catherine Wheel, The Sea Urchins, The Times, New Order and Teenage Fanclub.

While posters and flyers for the evening included images from...

Billy Liar

Twisterella - Blly Liar

Twisterella - Ride


Room At The Top

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  1. This sounds/looks brilliant, Kristian. Really wish I could've been there.
    Why not try to milk the pink pound and launch an offshoot called 'Songs from the Kitchen Twink'? A wee charity disco for the domesticated and housebound gays in the community.