Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A Place To Bury Strangers

This NYC band has been blowing our speakers since we (Jukebox and Deadbeat) got a sneaky preview of their debut back in 2007. That self titled debut album was on constant rotation on my stereo, until Big Nial tipped me off to their forthcoming second 'EXPLODING HEAD'.

Since 2007 I've literally been buggin' everyone I know about them, and passing round the album. I've bought the CD alone 4 times, as i keep giving my copy away - the mark of a great record (no ones getting my vinyl copy though).

As a massive Psychocandy fan (Jesus and mary chain) I'm constantly on the look out for a band that can mix ear punishing noise pollution with the sweetest dream pop. So its not an exageration to say that APTBS knocked me sideways. Right off the sidewalk.

Some of their music is straight up heavy Mary Chain heaven whilst at other times there's more of an electronic pulse running through the garage band guitar soup like some ungodly Ministry meets Ride hybrid sometimes more brittle even like Suicide crossed with Loop.

So, hooked on their heady blend of white noise, fuzz assault and dream scapes I set about trying to snag the band for a Newcastle live show. Now after two years of trying I'm pleased to announce the band will be playing at Jukebox (The Other Rooms) on the brilliantly perfect date of Friday 13th Nov.

Heres some quick info on A Place To Bury Strangers..

• They've quickly become known as New York City's loudest band
• They have played with their hero's The Jesus and Mary Chain
• They have played with The Brian Jonestown Massacre
• They toured with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
• They toured with Nine Inch Nails
• They toured with MGMT
• They recently signed to one of our all time favourite labels MUTE records (home of Fad Gadget, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave)
• Guitarist Oliver Ackerman started/runs now infamous underground effects pedal company DEATH BY AUDIO - who have made custom pedals for great bands such as My Bloody Valentine, lightning Bolt, Wilco.
• As well as being an effects pedal company DEATH BY AUDIO is also the bands warehouse/media space/HQ on the first floor of an industrial building in the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn NY and operates as a practice space, recording studio, art gallery and live venue.
• Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore played a gig at DEATH BY AUDIO
• The band have also set up DEATH BY AUDIO records to release music made at the warehouse.
• DBA pedals have names like... Interstellar Overdrive, Supersonic Fuzz Gun, Total Sonic Annihilation.
• These names pretty much sum up the sound of A Place To Bury Strangers.

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS play Jukebox Fri 13th Nov.
Support to be confirmed.
Tickets on sale now from R.P.M Newcastle.

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