Saturday, 19 September 2009

Retriever live, Head of Steam.

Right here's a plug for our good friends LME who are putting on a fine gig tonight at The head of Steam...

Line up includes...


My favourite Newcastle band, Retriever are only two gigs old, tonight will be there third gig in the city. Already they've captivated the minds and hearts of many. With a confident mix of 60's garage and post punk influence and styling's this well dressed threesome create a wall of gammer ray white noise over a set of punishing drum machine beats. Hat's are tipped to The Jesus and Mary Chain but front-woman Jackie's street cheetahhh vocals are shots from the hip that confirm that this group are no lad rock guit(sn)ore trip. Her cool ranting sits atop a cacophony of repetitive driving fuzz bass and the beautiful, simple and affecting guitar parts kooked up with nonchalant gum chewing style by young (deliberately non) guitarist Garth. Certainly a band to keep an eye on, they are already in the studio recording a debut ltd edition 7 inch.
photo by Dan Graham @ Jukebox 17/07/09

1st Birthday Gig Das Wanderlust, Retriever and Eductaion, Education, Education. Sat 19th Sep, Head Of Steam

Education Education Education.

I'm looking forward to seeing this band since it houses two dear friends in bass player Martin (one half of DJ team Its A Happening - who play Jukebox when the mood is right) and Paul Emmet (Ex front-man of the infamous Oxfam Glamour Models). So a bit of friendship nepotism? Well yes but... the pressure is on because they've assure me that they 'are great'.
End Bar - 8th June - Photo Danielle Velterelle

It's an early gig - doors : 7pm. but it's only £3 !!!

Hope to see you there.


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