Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Kid Congo did it again.

Right. Just got back from the Kid Congo Powers gig at the Cluny.

WOW. The Kid did it again. All the uber cool chops and camped up suss we've come to know and love from this true legend. Yep that's right Legend, an over used word in describing musicians for sure but hell when you've spent your life playing with three of the greatest front men of all time - Lux Interior, Jeffery Pierce and Nick Cave - you must have done something right. No one can tell me its not a justified description for someone who was in not only one LEGENDARY band but three - The Cramps, The Gun Club and Nick Caves Bad Seed's.

These days Kid Congo is hipper than ever with his own band The Pink Monkey Birds, who's charming, sexy mix of 50's Rockabilly, 60's Garage Trash, 70's Vegas Lounge Muzak, 80's Post Punk all put together with an authentic Hispanic twist - serves up some serious cool medicine both on record and live.

Tonight the band came out dressed uniformally in Matador outfits - drop dead cool, the perfect look for a Hispanic garage band rocking the sex beat.

And rock the Sex Beat they did, as alongside tracks from Pink Monkey Bird albums Kid Congo took us on an exhilarating journey through his past and blasted out The Gun Club classic 'Sex Beat' in his own slinky style. Another treat included a link Wray style version of The Cramps stormer Goo Goo Muck. It's fair to say that the whole gig came over like a tribute to Kid Congo's fallen comrade Lux Interior. Paying his respects inbetween songs with dedications to the late great shaman of voodoo beat rock n roll.

Kid Congo's voodoo mojo however was far from dead tonight, as he tapped into the source - right into the well of voodoo juice, so that for a few hours at least us mere northern Brits could feel the magic of that goo goo muck drenched underbelly Americana.

The band were incredible, giving Kid Congo just the right platform to do this thing.
Mesmerising, enchanting, groovy, rocking and above all original.

Shame on those who didn't make it, hope to see you there when the Kid next rolls into town. Cant wait.

Heres some footage of KID CONGO playing with The Cramps...

And some footage of KID CONGO playing with Nick Cave..

He's not doing anything in this one but being there and being cool..

And some fantastic Gun Club footage..

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