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Hit Newcastle Friday 5th Jan. 2010.

One of the most interesting and musically exciting British bands to emerge in the last few years, These New Puritans unleashed their debut album 'Beat Pyramid' in 2008, however despite gaining a fair amount of critical acclaim they didn't break above the radar as far / high as they deserved. While Beat Pyramid was certainly one of Jukebox/Splash Ones albums of that year, their forthcoming album looks set to be the record that pushes them into the national conscious.

TNPS are a four piece from Southend On Sea (with Splash Ones love of British Sea Side towns this just endeared them to us that whole lot more) who come on like a gang of well read post punk junkies with a Wu Tang Clan obsession. It's a bizarre filter for sure but that's why we love them.

Artrocker Magazine has described TNPS as sounding like "Sheffield and Berlin synths, '90s alt rock Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo drones; Underworld beats, and all in the most contemporary of contexts," while in a review of Beat Pyramid, Vice Magazine said "Sharp, strange and enchanting, there aren't many bands around like These New Puritans."

Enchanting is definitely a word to describe TNPS, but maybe desingned and controlled noisy enchantment would be a better description, or tailored magik even.

Their single ELVIS was a smash at Jukebox, played on heavy rotation for about a year, the Band also played live at the club captivating the crowd with that very same special brew of noisy (but refined and controlled) enchantment.

So it is with huge excitement that we anticipate the bands return to the Jukebox stage - THESE NEW PURITANS PLAY JUKEBOX ON FRIDAY 5TH OF FEBUARY 2010.

Another crucial release that we have hammered is the Wu Tang influenced, 'Swords Of Truth'.

The bastard upstart urchin off spring of Mark E Smith & The Fall, some have derided the band for that, but fuck that, if I want to see any new band taking influence from another band and taking that influence somewhere new, a place of their own then I want to see it done with The Fall. Mark E Smith may moan about Fall copy bands but he moans about everything, this band are special, and stand above the pale Fall apeing underachiever's of indie land.

They look good too, which is important.

Splash One cant wait for HIDDEN to drop from the sky,

Here's a few factoids for anyone new to the band.

• The Band have toured with Crystal Castles, British Sea Power, The Kills, Blood Red Shoes and The Klaxons.

have been involved with fashion designer Hedi Slimane, having recorded the song ("Navigate, Navigate") for the Dior Homme Show 2007.

They were part of the Southend scene that gave birth to The Horrors, known as the 'Experimental Circle Club' involved in the semi legendary 'Junk Club' nights - responsible for popularising such bands as Neils Children, The Violets, XX Teens, No Bra, and most of course The Horrors themselves. It should be noted that Jack Barnett performed solo on the first ECC night on 18 November 2006.

New album Hidden has been mixed by Dave Cooly who has worked with underground Hip Hop giants J Dilla and MF DOOM.

• Press release states that the sound of Hidden will include..."Six-foot Japanese Taiko drums, a thirteen piece brass and woodwind ensemble, sub-heavy beats, prepared piano, a children's choir and Foley recording techniques".

• These New Puritans are signed to the very fine Domino records.


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